My Accomplishments

I would like to share with you some of the things I have been able to accomplish on your behalf. Since taking office more than 100 bills that I sponsored and 300 that I co-sponsored have passed and become law. Additionally I have led the fight to STOP tax increases and OPPOSE wasteful government spending. Here are some highlights:

Balancing the State Budget

  • Opposed unfunded mandates and wasteful spending
  • Supported legislation to control the growth in government spending
  • Opposed attempts to raid transportation funds
  • Opposed tax increases

Fought for Transportation Solutions

  • Supported increased transportation funding
  • Secured funding for improvements to I-95, Garrisonville Road, Route 3, Route 17, the Opal Interchange, and the Falmouth Intersection among others
  • Expanded the authority of localities to collect road impact fees from developers
  • Passed legislation to permit localities to bond their transportation dollars in order to jump-start needed transportation projects
  • Supported land use and growth reforms to reduce sprawl and congestion
  • Supported reforms to streamline government bureaucracy and improve efficiency
  • Stopped efforts by Northern Virginia to raid Stafford’s transportation funds

Supporting Our Military and Veterans

  • Sponsored legislation strengthening employment rights for the National Guard and Reserve members called to active duty
  • Successfully sponsored legislation protecting military dependent voting rights
  • Co-sponsored legislation granting in-state tuition to military members
  • Supported construction of a new veterans care center
  • Worked with Congressman Rob Wittman to defend area military bases

Improving Education

  • Led the fight to get additional state funds to increase teacher pay for our schools
  • Supported efforts to ensure the state fully funded its share of education budget
  • Worked to streamline bureaucracy to get more resources to the classroom

Protecting Families

  • Strengthen laws against sexual predators, child pornographers, and gangs
  • Increased reporting requirements for sexual predators
  • Co-sponsored legislation to require internet filters for public library computers
  • Increased penalties for drunk driving

Cracked Down on Illegal Immigration

  • Opposed efforts to grant amnesty to illegal aliens
  • Passed legislation denying state and local benefits to illegals
  • Opposed giving in state tuition to illegal aliens

Supporting Law Enforcement and Emergency Services

  • Led the fight to get additional funds to increase pay for state troopers and deputies
  • Supported critical funding for fire and rescue

If you have questions about these or other issues please let me know. Feel free to share this information with others.