Election Day is Tuesday!  Early voting runs through Saturday.  If you have not voted by then, Tuesday is the last day to vote.

This election is probably the most important in my lifetime.  The choices are stark, Democrats want to reshape America into a nation dominated by an ever-increasing socialist bureaucracy that controls every facet of your life.  They will radically change our economy, imposing the “Green New Deal” which will make gas and electric prices skyrocket while sending the economy into an economic depression.  Over regulation and higher taxes will kill small businesses, which are responsible for creating most new jobs.

Look at what is happening in some of our large cities, which have been ruled by Democrats for decades.  Crime is increasing while local officials order police to stand back.  This is not speculation but fact; this is what Democrat leaders did in Ferguson, Baltimore, Charlottesville, Minneapolis, Seattle, and Portland.  You just cannot count on Democrats to keep you safe!

Here are the area candidates I am supporting in this election along with the candidate’s web page if you would like more information. I encourage you to get out and vote for these candidates Tuesday!

President/Vice-President: Donald J. Trump / Michael R. Pence,  https://www.donaldjtrump.com/

United States Senate: Daniel M. Gade, https://gadeforvirginia.com/

House of Representatives 1st District: Robert J. Wittman, https://robwittman.com/

House of Representatives 5th District: Robert G. “Bob” Good, https://www.bobgoodforcongress.com/

House of Representatives 7th District: Nick J. Freitas, https://www.nickforva.com/

In addition to candidates running for office, there are two amendments to Virginia’s state constitution on the ballot for your approval.

Constitutional Amendment #1 would establish a bipartisan redistricting commission to draw new legislative and congressional districts next year.  I helped write this amendment and believe it will reduce partisan gerrymandering when it comes to drawing districts.  I encourage you to vote YES on this question.

Constitutional Amendment #2 would mandate a break on local personal property taxes for veterans who have a 100 percent, service-connected disability rating from the VA.  Many localities are already doing this so I am not sure if this will make any difference in your locality or not, but I am sure this will pass easily.