As I write this, the House of Delegates is entering its 11th week of a “special” session called by the Governor to address a $2.7 Billion budget shortfall.  The pandemic has hurt many families and the Governor’s shut-down of the economy and many of our schools certainly hasn’t helped.

The General Assembly has convened in “special” sessions in the past, and most have lasted less than weeks under Governors from both parties, but all when Republicans provided strong and determined leadership.  Today, none of those words can be used to describe what’s happening at the capitol.

As of today, work on the budget was relegated to an afterthought and the focus has been on issues related to public safety, police tactics and other items on an agenda advanced by the most liberal leadership ever to hit Richmond.

What you might find the most ironic is that those same liberals claim to be the champions of the poor and unfortunate.  There are a lot of those people in my district and they urgently need help.  But the Democrats have failed them.

The result is funding to halt evictions and power shutoffs to our most vulnerable neighbors is on hold.

 That’s right, the funding needed to help the most desperate is being held hostage.  The reasons are very complex, but Republicans aren’t standing in the way.  To the contrary.  Our members are ready to approve measures in both committees and the full House.

The impact is devastating to our neighbors and friends.

I’ve heard from constituents who need help getting jobs, educating their children and staying healthy.  I’m ready to help but am mostly powerless as the House Speaker has muzzled me and others when we attempt to speak up.  And little attention is paid in the media.  That’s why you are receiving this brief update.

This is an unprecedented situation and I’ll try to keep you informed.  You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter for more timely information.

If you have comments, suggestions, questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!