Several days ago, I reached out to you and more than 5,000 other households – Democrats and Republicans – asking for your opinion on the “Defund the Police” movement.  Based on unsolicited comments from friends and neighbors, I was fairly certain that my informal survey would reveal strong feelings of concern.

Boy was I wrong.  Nearly 1,000 voters responded and 99% expressed varying degrees of outrage, disbelief and concern that this legislation was even being considered.

Yet, even as I write this, the Democrat majority continues to advance toward various funding cuts and so-called “reforms” to weaken public safety in our communities.

One proposal would open our law enforcement to frivolous lawsuits brought by criminals and others for simply doing their jobs.  Imagine how difficult it will be to recruit new officers and deputies if that happens.

Still another reduces the penalty for assaulting an officer or deputy, thus encouraging criminals to resist arrest without fear of a serious charge.  Finally, the Democrats want to eliminate the use of tear gas and other non-lethal options for ending riots and looting, further assuring more violence and damage.

Richmond city leaders have already restricted their police and the results are clear.  More violence and crime.

You know that I’ve stood as a strong voice against these measures.  But as we now meet in virtual session, with delegates working remotely, the Democrat Speaker and her hand-picked committee chairs are restricting debate and both public and media attention to what has been going on.  Under the cloak of virtual secrecy, they are weakening law and order.

I’ll not retreat from my stands.  That’s why, as next year’s elections approach, I will be a top target for defeat.  As you may have observed, the Democrat’s base in Northern Virginia is heading south.  My district is closer to the beltway than most others held by a Republican.  Put simply, they see me as their next target.

My district has changed a lot since my first election in 2001, but I have not.  If you believe I should continue the fight for law and order and in support of all our valiant law enforcement officers, I need your help!

When the Democrats and their cronies make their list, they look for weak, vulnerable candidates.  And while I’ve enjoyed strong support in the elections, I’ve never raised a lot of money.  I’ve been outspent in several past elections, one by more than two to one, but my margin of victory gets smaller every election.

The Democrat machine runs on money.  A lot of it.  You may have read that in August nationally, they had raised a record $300 MILLION to elect Joe Biden.

They will have every dollar they need and I need to be able to match them.  I’m hoping I can fund my campaign at a competitive level.  But to do so, I’m hoping you’ll help.

Will you please consider a gift of $100, $50, or $25 today to prepare for my campaign to take back the House of Delegates?

With you on my side, I’m hopeful we can keep this seat and win others to be able to take back control of the House of Delegates and restore sanity to Richmond.

Thank you and may God bless you.

I’ll not retreat but I need your help! Help me stop this dangerous agenda and take back the House of Delegates!  Click here to make a donation and take back Virginia!