Representing you in the Virginia House of Delegates is an honor and a responsibility I take very seriously.  This update may be the most important one I have done during my entire service in the House.

As you know, violent protests have broken out across the nation and even in our area of Virginia demanding that police agencies at every level be “defunded.”   Two weeks ago, we began meeting in a special session of the General Assembly to address issues related to the budget, the pandemic and these riots.   As historic monuments commemorating Virginia’s past are being vandalized, and businesses looted, there has been a strong push by the Democrat majority to initiate “defunding” in the form of a 25% cut in spending for state police and a reduction in funds for local School Resource Officers (SRO), deputies and police officers that protect our schools.

That’s right, some Democrats want to pull SRO’s out of our schools!  One local Democrat recently texted me, “I support removing police from schools 100%,” and “Schools are no place for cops.”  Too many Democrats consider law enforcement to be the enemy!

In addition to reducing funding, Democrats are pushing an across the board anti-police agenda.  They are advancing legislation to reduce penalties for assaulting a police officer, banning the use of tear gas and rubber bullets, and removing qualified immunity, which would allow police and deputies to be personally sued if they do something someone did not like, putting their home and personal savings at risk.  We already have a hard time finding people willing to serve in law enforcement, if these become law it will become almost impossible to find good people to serve!

At the same time, they are pushing this anti-law enforcement agenda, Democrats are also releasing violent criminals from prison early!

The result will be higher crime rates, fewer School Resource Officers, fewer deputies and police, and longer response times for 911 calls!

As I participate in this session, I’m astonished to find that the governing elites in Richmond are in lock step support with the radical left and their agenda.  It leaves me speechless.

They’ve proclaimed that this is the will of the people and it must be done.  Do you think police and sheriff’s departments should be drastically cut?  Feel free to email me your thoughts.