I hope you and your family have been spared the ravages of the COVID pandemic as has ours.

Over the past month or so I’ve heard from a lot of folks about the special session of the Virginia General Assembly scheduled for next week.  The House of Delegates has been called, along with the Senate, by the Governor, to address legislation to deal with several issues that are the result of our pandemic and the related budget shortfalls as well as criminal justice reform and perhaps still others.

The Democrat-controlled legislature, as in the regular session, is keeping much of their legislation secret so citizens have less time to rally opposition to their radical left-wing agenda.

You can be sure there will be measures proposed to defund or radically cut spending on law enforcement and to initiate broad new gun control measures.

As for me, I’m hopeful we’ll be able to address the Gubernatorial abuses of their executive powers when declaring a state of emergency.  An “emergency” should only be declared when it is not possible for the General Assembly to convene and consider necessary measures for dealing with the issues at hand.  Presently we are in the sixth month of an emergency.

Of special concern is the designation of a violation of the emergency order a crime.  The punishment for mask and/or social distancing orders could receive penalties equal to those for assault and battery, a DUI and even some drug offenses.  That’s crazy!

State government offices including the Virginia Employment Commission, DMV and others have also been shuttered or offer reduced service hours making it difficult for citizens to get needed relief from unemployment situations as well as the renewal of driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations.  Our government is making many folks run afoul of the law and I will support legislation to eliminate late penalties and interest for any violation that results.

Many have also expressed concerns about the consequences of refusing to open our public schools full time.  If a school district refuses to open classrooms, then I propose providing parents vouchers to be used at a school where they will be educated.  And for schools that only open “online” but high-speed internet isn’t available, then they will be required to teach children in person.

Finally, you may have heard about an incident in Fredericksburg where a frightened mom with her young child dialed 911 from her car when surrounded by protesters.  The dispatcher said no help would be coming and that she should call the city government.  I support legislation that would make local government liable for damages caused when they refuse to protect private property and citizen safety.

Of course, as for the balance of the many issues, I will approach our budget situation as I always have: if we don’t have the revenue, we must cut spending; it would be wrong to raise taxes when so many people are out of work and businesses are struggling.   On gun control, I remain 100% committed to defending our Second Amendment rights and will oppose gun control schemes.

The session will likely be short, and you may not hear many details from the media.  So, be sure to follow my additional reports on Facebook and Twitter.  If necessary, I’ll also send additional information via email.  Please forward this to friends and neighbors who may be interested.