Do you think your home, your church, our schools, malls and theaters would be safer if our local police and sheriff’s deputies were all fired?   That’s what some the protesters are demanding.  They call it “defunding” but without our tax dollars supporting the equipment, training, transportation and salaries of law enforcement professionals, that’s where we would be. No one to answer your 911 emergency call.

I know this sounds crazy, but in the last session of the General Assembly, I sponsored amendments that provided raises for those who protect and defend us…. our front line police.  Governor Northam refused to provide raises for deputies. Since the vast majority of Virginia sheriff’s departments and county boards of supervisors passed resolutions saying they would not support Northam’s gun confiscation schemes if passed, they were going to be punished.

Radical leftist in Virginia are busy doing all they can to ally with Antifa and violent protesters.  Cutting funds for our sheriffs will be just the start.

In Richmond I’ve been a loud and persistent voice for common sense support for our law enforcement.  Sure, what happened in Minneapolis was a crime.  George Floyd’s brutal murder was not about law enforcement.  Perpetrators of that crime will be punished.

I share the anger and frustration of peaceful protesters, but they’ve been hijacked by violent leaders from out of town.  These masked invaders roam the state stirring up angry mobs.  It is undeniable that there are racist elements in our society, but no law can change a heart filled with hatred.  We’ve made gains in our society and there is still room to advance.

Also, in the last session of the General Assembly I introduced a bill that would clear old police records (called expunging) for those who made stupid mistakes in their youth — provided there were no additional charges in the interim.  Members of the minority community would stand to benefit from this greatly and give them better opportunities to get jobs.  Instead of passing it, Democrats decided to “study” this criminal justice reform that was backed by the ACLU and other more liberal groups.

I’m afraid that much of all this is politically motivated.  The left and their media buddies are doing all they can to change our American way of life.

This year they have their eyes on Washington and the White House.  Next year their target will again be the Virginia government.  As one of Governor Northam’s most vocal opponents, I know that once again their sights are set on keeping control of Virginia.  Help me win back the Virginia General Assembly to stop the liberal assault on our freedoms, our jobs, and our values!

This is the earliest I’ve ever started campaigning, but it is critical I do so.  In the last election my opponent raised over $185,000 — nearly all from outside our region.  And the Bloomberg-funded anti-gun groups spent even more with their “independent” ads and grass roots organizers.  I’m sure they’ll be back.

For a long time, I’ve been able to count on your support.  I appreciate your kind words, prayers, volunteer help and contributions.  That’s why I’m writing today.  I hope you can help me build a campaign “war chest” to be prepared for the next election.  Your gift now will signal to those who seek to change our Commonwealth and Country that seizing power won’t be easy and perhaps they should go somewhere else.

Your donation of $35, $50, $100 or more now is worth twice as much today as next year.  I know this is a bad time to ask for help, and if you are not able to give, I certainly understand, but please consider what you can do now.  Thank you and may God bless you.

If you can help with a donation now, please click  here to help stop the radical agenda in Virginia!  Thanks!