New Laws

Most new laws passed by the General Assembly do not go into effect until 1 July; unless it is emergency legislation that passes by a 4/5 vote or the legislation specifies a later date.

To find a summary of new laws, CLICK HERE FOR A SUMMARY OF LEGISLATION PASSED IN 2019

Redistricting Court Decision

For years now, several House of Delegates districts have been the subject of politically motivated court challenges funded by Democrat special interest groups. One challenge was dismissed last year by the Virginia Supreme Court; however, another received a favorable decision in a Federal court that was dominated by Democrat appointees.

The Federal judges redrew the districts in question, and several others that border them, to favor Democrats and disadvantage Republicans. Attorney General Mark Herring refused to challenge the court ruling, so the House of Delegates was forced to step in and file an appeal to the US Supreme Court. Last week, rather than decide the issue on its merits, the Supreme Court punted and dismissed the case on a technicality saying that the House did not have standing to file an appeal, so the lower court ruling stands. None of the districts in our area were affected.

The redistricting plan that passed in 2011 was bipartisan, the House was majority Republican then and the Senate Democrat, and compiled with all applicable laws and court decisions at the time. It passed with overwhelming bipartisan support, including the support of then Senators Ralph Northam and Mark Herring, and was approved by President Obama’s Justice Department. To sum up the situation, partisan Gerrymandering won in court over bipartisan legislation.

Approaching Tax Deadline

During the 2019 General Assembly Session, we set aside nearly $450 million for a Taxpayer Relief Fund to give back money to hard-working families this October. In order to qualify, income tax returns must be filed before July 1st, and the taxpayer can’t owe any back taxes to their local government, Virginia, the IRS, or any other state agency. For those who do, the money will go to settle those debts.

If you have already filed your taxes, as most have, you do not need to do anything. If you have not, you must file before July 1st to be eligible.

Rebates won’t exceed taxes you paid to the state total tax liability up to a maximum of $110 for single filers and $220 for joint. For example, if your Virginia income tax liability was only $50, your check would likely be $50.