Delegate Mark Cole
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Fredericksburg, VA 22404
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Sound conservative leadership for Virginia!

Mark Cole has spent his public life fighting for the needs of Virginia's families and taxpayers. Too many politicians are advocates for government bureaucracy. Mark is an advocate for you!

Since taking office in 2002, more than 100 bills that Mark sponsored and 300 that he co-sponsored have passed and become law. Additionally Mark has led the fight to STOP tax increases and OPPOSE wasteful government spending.

Mark Cole in Conference on the Floor

- Opposed wasteful spending
- Supported legislation to control the growth in government spending
- Opposed attempts to raid transportation funds
- Opposed tax increases

"Delegate Mark Cole has been a strong voice for fiscal responsibility and conservative values in Richmond. He shares with me the principles of limited government and personal responsibility. We need leaders like Mark in the House of Delegates fighting for Virginia's families."
Congressman Dave Brat, 7th District

- Supported increased funding for transportation
- Expanded the authority of localities to collect road impact fees from developers
- Secured funding for improvements to local roads
- Passed legislation requiring VDOT to prioritize improvements to I-95
- Supported land use and growth reforms to reduce sprawl and congestion
- Supported reforms to streamline government bureaucracy and improve efficiency

"When Northern Virginia tried to raid Stafford's transportation funds, Mark Cole stopped them dead in their tracks!"
Mark Osborn, Former Stafford County Supervisor

- Sponsored legislation strengthening employment rights for National Guard and Reserve members called to active duty
- Successfully sponsored legislation protecting military dependent voting rights
- Co-sponsored legislation granting in-state tuition to military members
- Supported construction of a new veterans� care center
- Worked with Congress to defend area military bases

"Mark Cole is a common-sense leader who has been a strong supporter of our veterans and military communities. I have worked with him on issues affecting Virginia's veterans and military facilities and can tell you he is a dedicated public servant who has gone the extra mile to make sure you are represented in Richmond!"
Congressman Rob Wittman, 1st District

- Led the fight to get additional state funds to increase teacher pay for our schools
- Supported efforts to ensure that the state fully funded its share of the education budget
- Supported efforts to empower parents and make schools accountable
- Worked to streamline bureaucracy to get more resources to the classroom
- Opposed unfunded mandates and wasteful spending

- Strengthen laws against sexual predators, child pornographers, and gangs
- Co-sponsored legislation to require internet filters for public library computers
- Increased penalties for drunk driving
- Defended traditional family values

- Led the fight to get additional funds to increase pay for state troopers and deputies
- Supported critical funding for fire and rescue

"Public safety and emergency services are Mark Cole�s top priorities. He helped ensure that funding was available for pay raises for deputies and state troopers. He has been a strong voice for us in Richmond."
Former Sheriff Charlie Jett, Stafford County

- Co-sponsored legislation banning "sanctuary cities" in Virginia
- Opposed efforts in the US Senate to grant amnesty to illegal aliens
- Passed legislation denying state and local benefits to illegals
- Co-sponsored legislation to allow state and local law authorities to enforce immigration law

"If the Federal government is not going to do its job to secure our borders and stem the tide of illegal immigration, I want to make Virginia an unattractive destination for them!"
Delegate Mark Cole

- Successfully sponsored legislation to protect the right of law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms
- Defended the Right to Life
- Sponsored a resolution defending the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

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